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The MacBook Air


The most exciting Mac news this week has to be Apple’s new MacBook Air, currently the world’s thinest notebook. At the Macworld 2008 keynote address, Steve Jobs walked over to the podium, picked up a typical office manila envelope, opened it up, and pulled out the new MacBook Air in front of a completely awed audience. It was simply spectacular and stunning.

Although ultra-small notebooks like Asus Eee PC have also made headlines, the MacBook Air is spectacular because it sports a full-sized 13.3″ WXGA display, a full-sized keyboard, a fairly decent 1.6 GHz Core 2 Duo, and yet weighs in at only 1.36kg, and measures only 0.76″ thick (0.16″ at the thinnest part). You get ultra-thin and ultra-light, but you don’t sacrifice display size, keyboard size or processor performance.

I shan’t talk about all the technical wonders here, because you can watch the Quicktime recording of the keynote address, or read PCWorld’s review.

As you might imagine, accessories for the MacBook Air would very quickly come out. An interesting one is the AirMail, a carrying sleeve for the new MacBook Air. It is made vinyl, and lined with “fuzzy, soft fleece”.

The MacBook Air sells from S$2988 in Singapore. Will you get it? Will Apple slash the price after 2 months?

(I wonder if Nike would try to stir some trouble with the “Air”…)

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