Chromebooks Beat Mac Sales In 2016Q1

Acer Chromebook 13

I keep hearing from time to time about how well Chromebooks are selling. Their sales in the United States have become so good that, according to IDC, they have apparently outpaced Mac sales in the first quarter of 2016. Dell, HP, and Lenovo together sold nearly 2 million Chromebooks, while Apple shipped 1.76 million Macs, in the last quarter. The huge Chromebook adoption…

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Time Machine Setup On CentOS 7


Some of us Mac users who are also Linux users might have a Linux box server sitting at home. I have one that has mostly been relegated to the role of a network attached storage, although I still do various other odds and ends with it. Why not also consider it for a network Time Machine job for my Mac…

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iPhones, iPads, And Others

LZS Back on Retina MacBook Pro

Apple’s September media event is happening today, or 1 am Singapore time tomorrow morning. By the time we wake up tomorrow morning, which would be cooling off day for our general elections prior to Friday’s polling day, we techies can switch gears and catch up on some Apple rah rah. It’s all getting very routine, but there’s something I’ll be…

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Mac Backup On WD My Cloud EX4100

WD My Cloud EX4100

Of late, I’ve been backing up my Retina MacBook Pro to a WD My Cloud EX4100. The EX4100, which I had reviewed earlier this year, has become a permanent fixture in my workspace, thanks to Western Digital. It supports Time Machine out of the box, enabling really convenient backups from any Mac computer. Apple’s Time Machine, which debuted with OS…

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Browsing SSH/SFTP Servers Like SMB Network Shares

Retina MacBook Pro at YIH

I’m a command-line sort of person. Yes, even though I use a Mac with all its pretty GUI. At the same time, it’s precisely why I use a Mac too, because it has a perfectly functional command-line shell. I’m quite comfortable using scp and sftp to move my files around across servers. But admittedly, sometimes browsing with Finder is easier. This is something pretty…

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OS X El Capitan 5th Public Beta

Retina MacBook Pro with El Capitan

Apple’s next version of OS X, version 10.11 El Capitan, is coming around pretty soon now. The 5th public beta, and 7th developer seed, was released earlier this week. Apple has been pushing frequent updates to the El Capitan beta, mostly focusing on performance improvements and bug fixes. The official release of OS X 10.11 is expected this fall. This update brings about…

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Parallels Launches Parallels Desktop 11

Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac

Parallels today launched Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac (PD11), a virtualisation software for Mac computers. With PD11, Mac users can run Windows, Linux and even other OS X instances in their Mac computers. The new release of PD11 has new Windows 10 integration, OS X El Capitan readiness, and even makes Microsoft’s Cortana available for Mac users in OS X! PD11 comes…

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Mac For Network Engineers

Wire Centre

Network engineers seem to be most often totting around Windows lappies. The Mac, however, works quite well for these networking folks too. After my earlier post on Setting Up Your Mac For Programming, I thought this would be a nice follow-up topic. I’ve personally found the Mac, and more specifically OS X, to be plenty capable for networking jobs. The…

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Setting Up Your Mac For Programming

LZS Working On Retina MacBook Pro

The Mac may be more often associated with the fun stuff and the life stuff, if you know what I mean, but it’s also all good for work stuff, including programming and software development. You should know that, right? Many system administrators and programmers use Mac, so there must be something good with the Mac for these sort of work. The…

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Using A Mac In NUS 2015

Retina MacBook Pro in NUS

Ten years ago, or even five years ago, using a Mac in NUS may prove to be a bit of a challenge. Things are quite different these days, and its not just because the Macs have become so commonplace, but the recognition of diverse platforms, including Android and iOS phones and tablets, that need to be supported. If you need…

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