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Banzn Case for Google Pixel 5

The Google Pixel 5 is already shipping in several markets, and if you’re looking for a case, I’ve got a quick review of one here. This is the Bazn Case for the Pixel 5, and it appears to be an OEM make that also sold under several other brand names.

This is an ultra-thin, minimalist case with simple and plain design that offers reasonable protection for the phone. According to the specs provided, it is 0.8 mm thin and weighs 20 grams, so you won’t feel the bulk of this case.

This case doesn’t fully protect all sides. The top and bottom are exposed, as are the areas around the power and volume rocker. This is adequate in most cases, and drops on flat surfaces should not pose any problems.

There is a small bit of lip over the screen surface so that the screen is protected when you set the phone face down on a flat surface. The 0.4 mm of space listed in the specs is quite minimal. While this may not mean all that much protection, the good thing is that swipes from screen edges are unhindered. This can be an important consideration given how the Android UI uses quite a bit of swiping gestures from the screen edges.

The camera module on the back is also protected by a 0.4 mm raised lip. The fingerprint sensor is easily accessible without any hinderance from the case.

This Bazn Case fits well, and all the cutouts are accurate and properly centered. The material is smooth and has a matt-look finish.

I do have some issues with this case. It is way too smooth, and I feel it is not any less slippery than the Pixel 5 itself. Also while the case should, in principle, easily repel fingerprints, this isn’t all that true. As odd as it might seem, I found the Pixel 5’s back slightly more resistant to prints, and definitely easier to clean off than on this case.

This case is black, and this particular brand has blue and rose gold colour options too. There are other brands having what appears to be this identical case available in more colour options.

I would recommend this case for its simple, minimalist, design, and small lip over the screen that won’t interfere with edge swiping gestures. However, the lack of good grip makes me hesitate. This is alright if your main worry is about protection against scratches from surfaces when you put the phone down.

The Bazn Case for Google Pixel 5 retails for S$16.66 on Amazon (affiliate link).

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