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Kid’s Loft

25072009434Vanessa just completed one of the “school term” at Kid’s Loft last week. She’s seen here waiting patiently for her certificate of attendance. I suppose you could say it’s sort of like a graduation certificate, even though it’s just graduation from a 9-week term. It seems Vanessa quite enjoys her classes at Kid’s Loft, particularly the music classes.

She really looks forward to the music classes. At home, mention her teacher’s name or the music class and she’ll immediately brighten up. There’re several activities in the class: story telling, learning the alphabets, days of the week, snack time, art and craft, etc. But it’s the music that gets Vanessa really excited.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be so simple for me to just play those CDs at home. But I suppose it’s the teacher running the class that counts too. I’ve noticed that Vanessa isn’t very interested in her classmates though. It seems she’s not really interested in kids of age. Elder kids are okay.

Incidentally, Kid’s Loft is located in a rather out-of-the-way location, tucked in one corner of the old Singapore Turf ¬†Club, quite inaccessible unless you drive a car or take a cab. It occupies part of a very big house. It’s quite a homely environment (it actually is a home too).

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