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My First PC

22082009705I just bought my first non-DIY desktop PC. Yeah. I’m actually a little surprised that I did not DIY it myself. I guess after years of building PCs, installing software, I decided to give in and let some branded PC company take care of all the complicated things for me. This branded PC company is Acer. That’s not the surprising enough thing, actually. On top of buying a PC from a branded PC company, I actually ordered a business-level PC rather than a typical consumer PC.

Yes, it’s the Acer Veriton. Acer’s website describes this as “must-have for today’s business needs”. I was otherwise looking for the Aspire X3810 consumer PC, which Acer’s website describes as “features high-quality components and software, perfect for handling your home computing and entertainment needs in style”.

Well, it came down to cost. I had access to a special deal offering the Acer Veriton at an acceptably attractive pricing. Based on the equivalently-matched hardware specifications, the Acer Veriton was cheaper than what I could get from elsewhere like Courts or Harvey Norman (comparing consumer deals for Acer, Dell and HP desktop PCs). I was rather miffed that the price I paid for was actually January 2009 prices. It’s now August, coming September, but I’m not getting a discount. Yet, I’m thinking, it’s still cheaper than what consumer stores are selling now (for equivalent-spec hardware).

22082009711As I started to unpack the brand new PC, I noticed a sticker. Then I remembered why I didn’t like buying branded PCs (not that I had actually done so before anyway). The PCs are sold as a black box. You’re not supposed to open it up. What if I wanted to upgrade components? Like add more RAM, more hard disk, a new bluray drive? Or to diagnose and fix simple problems on my own? Even to clean the inside of the PC from time to time?

Sigh, with that sticker, I suppose I’m not to open up the casing. For all servicing, just call Acer. Thankfully it comes with on-site next-business day service. (Or is it 4-hour on-site response which is stated on the website. The invoice states otherwise.)


Then, I found myself setting up Windows Vista for the first time ever. Yeah, I know, Windows 7 is just around the corner (and Snow Leopard is around a nearer corner…). But all the Windows Vista I’ve used have been setup by someone else. This is the first PC that I’m turning on myself to see the welcome screen. Well, it’s still not installing Windows Vista though, since it is already preloaded, it is just the first-time setup that I’ve got to do.

It’s a nice brand new PC. It should be blazingly fast. But somehow I’m not blazingly impressed by its performance. Perhaps Windows Vista moderated the speed. Or that I have too high expectations.

Oh this PC is for the Wife. So I still haven’t bought a non-DIY PC for myself.

The next thing coming up will be my brand new Snow Leopard. The online store says “ships by 28th August”. Apple: You’ve spoilt the market. I am now expecting you to over-deliver. I checked my order status a few times today. My other is still in “not yet shipped’ status.

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  1. Hi Zit Seng, Gary Tan. Question about OS that is coming soon – Windows 7. I intend to get a Windows 7 PC when it appears in the market. Will it be able to run my existing games that specify XP or Vista as the required OS? Thanks.

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