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Mobile Banking in the Citi

Scr000002I was recently invited to explore Citibank’s newly launched mobile banking services. It’s a nice and convenient way to experience banking services while on-the-go. One of these is Citi Mobile, which is basically a mobile web friendly version of their banking website at http://www.citibank.com.sg/, the same URL as their regular banking website. Like their regular banking website, Citi Mobile provides access to transactional banking services.

It’s nice that there is not another URL to remember (although honestly if you’ve bookmarked it once it is not too much of a hassle anyway). You will be served a web-optimized version of the website when you visit the URL from a mobile device, otherwise you get the full blown regular website when you visit from a computer. Citi Mobile has been specifically optimized for the iPhone and Nokia E71 mobile phones, and it does look beautiful  in the iPhone screenshots I’ve seen. But it’ll work well on other mobile devices too, like the Nokia N97 that I use. It’s not as pretty on my Nokia N97, particularly since it doesn’t make full use of the extra-wide screen when in landscape orientation, but, it gets the job done.

The typical things you can do with Internet banking on your regular computer, you can now do with Citi Mobile through your mobile phone. It’s really nice and convenient. I honestly don’t have a great need to have to bank on-the-go all the time, except that I keep forgetting to pay my bills, and when I occasionally remember about them, it would be nice to get the payments done then and there. As it is right now, I have to make a mental note (which will be forgotten…) about getting it done when I have access to my computer.

There are other useful features too. For example, a mobile web friendly access to Citibank’s Gourmet Pleasures and Promotions listings. It’s an easy and convenient way to checkout restaurant deals while you’re roaming around town looking for some place to eat.

Everyone has access to Citi Mobile (of course, provided if you are a Citibank customer). There is no separate enrollment or application required.

The other mobile banking service is Citi Alerts.This is basically a SMS alert service that notifies you of certain transactions in real time. An important use of this, at least for me, is to notify about credit card charges as they occur. You know how it is with Internet payment systems these days. It is not enough to not loose your credit card, because your card can still be charged without the physical card actually being used. I’ve had problems with erroneous charges from careless merchants, and it is nice to know as early as possible.

You can also use Citi Alerts to get information. Yes, it’s a two-way information-on-demand service. You can check your credit card balance, the last 4 transactions on your credit card, the nearest ATM location, the nearest bank branch, etc.

If you’re a Citibank customer, I think you’d like these mobile conveniences.

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