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ASUS GT-BE98 Wi-Fi Router Review

The ASUS GT-BE98 is a beast of a router, even amongst the latest in the realm of Wi-Fi 7 routers. It’s designed to cater to the most demanding power users and tech enthusiasts who yearn the utmost in performance and features. We’ll take a look it in this review.

Some routers are designed to blend into your living space, others are all about being functional and don’t shy from standing out in startling ways. The ASUS GT-BE98 is in the latter category. It has 8 spidey-legs, which are of course antennas which play a crucial role in maximizing range and signal strength, sticking out of an angular base unit that exudes a futuristic and aggressive vibe. True to ASUS ROG styles, there are RGB lights and stylish design elements. Some of those elements, I’ll get into them, are purely style. Still, the GT-BE98 would look good as a centrepiece in a gaming den.

Make no mistake, the ASUS GT-BE98 is all about the best Wi-Fi performance. To this end, it supports latest Wi-Fi 7 standard, and boasts quad-band radios, with 1 at 2.4 GHz, 2 at 5 GHz, and the last at 6 GHz. Let’s not talk about theoretical speeds, but I easily achieved 940 Gbps real-world throughput with Speedtest.net from my Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. This is nothing but most impressive to me because my desktop PC (a NUC 11, not that old), which was tested with a wired connection, lost out by about 0.5% in throughput. I got Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds to my phone!

The Pixel 8 Pro just happens to be the best Wi-Fi device I have around. It supports Wi-Fi 7, though not 320 MHz channel width. That means, it is possible with the right device that I might get even better than 1 Gbps Wi-Fi speeds, since the ASUS GT-BE98’s support for 320 MHz channels and 4096-QAM modulation can significantly boost data throughput and efficiency. It also supports MLO, or Multi-Link Operation, which allows a device to connect on multiple frequency bands to aggregate their bandwidth.

If you’re interested, the GTBE98’s claim to 25 Gbps speeds come from:

  • 6 GHz band with up to 11529 Mbps speed
  • 2x 5 GHz band each with up to 5764 Mbps speed
  • 2.4 GHz band with 1376 Mbps speed

Which totals over 24 Gbps, and nicely rounded up to 25 Gbps.

Also, while that test was performed in the same room as the ASUS GT-BE98, the signal strength from the router remained strong throughout my roughly 1600 sq-ft home. Along with MU-MIMO and OFDMA, which helps efficiently manages multiple simultaneous connections to ensure each device gets the bandwidth it needs without compromising overall network performance, I have no doubt that when it comes to Wi-Fi performance, the ASUS GT-BE98 would not disappoint.

On the wired connection side, the ASUS GT-BE98 has one 10 Gbps WAN/LAN port, one 10 Gbps LAN port, and four 1 Gbps LAN ports, ensuring that even the most bandwidth-hungry devices can be connected without bottlenecks. The GT-BE98 is ready for broadband speeds above 1 Gbps, while simultaneously also supporting bandwidth demanding applications, such as a NAS, within your home network. The inclusion of two 10 Gbps ports, including one that can serve as either WAN or LAN connection, gives you flexibility to adapt the GT-BE98 for your needs.

Additionally, there are two USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports for connecting storage devices or printers.

Just a quick note that the transparent window at the top that appear to reveal some cool innards of the ASUS GT-BE98 are just for appearances. I was slightly disappointed that there weren’t RGB lights in there. The radiator fins below, however, do serve a practical function to dissipate heat.

The ASUS GT-BE98 supports their AiMesh technology, an ASUS proprietary feature that has been around for some time. It allows you to create a seamless mesh network using other compatible ASUS routers, which there are a lot, so you can expand Wi-Fi coverage easily without much hassle or networking knowledge.

ASUS takes care of network security with their advanced AiProtection Pro, powered by Trend Micro, which provides comprehensive protection against cyber threats. This includes blocking malicious websites, detecting and neutralizing infected devices, and offering advanced parental controls. The parental controls are particularly detailed, allowing you to manage internet usage and set restrictions for different devices based on time or content.

Setting up the GT-BE98 is a breeze, thanks to the ASUS Router app. The app guides you through the setup process with clear instructions and visuals, making it easy even for those who are not particularly tech-savvy. Within minutes, you can have your network up and running, with all devices connected.

Managing the network is equally straightforward, whether you’re using the app or the web interface. The range of customization options available is impressive, catering to both novice users and network experts. The app allows you to monitor network traffic, manage connected devices, and adjust settings on the go, providing flexibility and control.

For more advanced users, the ASUS GT-BE98 offers deep customization options, from port forwarding and VPN setup to detailed network analytics. It’s also easy to setup additional Wi-Fi networks to serve house guests or dedicated to IoT gadgets in your home.

As a gaming-oriented Wi-Fi router, ASUS has not forgotten about features aimed at gamers and advanced users. To this end, the GT-BE98 is packed with a plethora of noteworthy capabilities to help you eek out the best experience for gaming. For example, you have access to tools and insights into your network’s performance. The Game Boost feature automatically prioritizing gaming traffic to ensure a smooth and lag-free experience. This is complemented by adaptive QoS (Quality of Service), which allows you to prioritize bandwidth for different applications based on your needs.

The ASUS GT-BE98 is undoubtedly a crazily powerful Wi-Fi 7 router. It’s price, however, also comes at the very high end. With a retail price of $1,099, it may be quite a lot more than even gaming users may be willing to invest. As capable as the GT-BE98 may be, it is primarily recommended to those who demand top-tier Wi-Fi performance or avid gamers who value its advanced gaming features.


The ASUS GT-BE98 is a formidable router with very impressive performance and features, but otherwise may be overkill for most users.


  • Exceptional Wi-Fi 7 performance
  • Robust design with great build quality
  • Advanced features
  • Easy to setup


  • Overkill for most users

1 thought on “ASUS GT-BE98 Wi-Fi Router Review

  1. I bought mine at Best Buy, replacing my Rog AX11000 Pro, and honestly it was my worst mistake, I have a wireless doorbell that works ok with my AX router, but as soon as I connected it to the BE98 I got 0 wireless connectivity, also I did experience, lag and constant disconnections from the IOTs and other devices, sometimes an awesome connection and suddenly an awful connection, I did reset this guy around 8 to 10 times no luck, maybe a defective one, but I went t back to Best Buy, returned it and get my AX 11000 pro again, lol this one have a better connection.

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