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The MacBook Air in Singapore

2012-06-28 09.25.03 v2Yes, by now it must already be in Singapore shops, although I haven’t gone around looking. I did notice the “pre-order” link at the Apple Singapore Store has been removed, and the “2-3 weeks” delivery is now “8-10 business days”. Yeah, so they are now really shipping in volume and catching up with the back orders.

Its interesting how the MacBook Air has caught on. A slimming centre, for example, ran an ad that featured the MacBook Air — because the latter is also about getting thin. Then, there are also other parodies on the net about how other notebooks are now going to gym to get thin.

A sad thing I discovered about the MacBook Air yesterday: The USB-to-serial dongle I have doesn’t work with the MacBook Air. I am using it currently with my oldish PowerBook G4. Perhaps there are no drivers for the Intel based MacBooks. Time for a Google search…

4 thoughts on “The MacBook Air in Singapore

  1. From the Apple Store it is S$2988. So far the few retail shops are still in “pre-order” mode (at least as of last weekend), also at $2988 with no special promotions.

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