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Papa and Baby Ian

300920091079Baby Ian is like 3 and a half months old by now, but actually he hasn’t gotten a lot of attention from Papa and Mama. It’s because there are people around to look after him, and Vanessa has been running around getting our attention and keeping us occupied. Some day when Ian grows up and starts reading this blog, he might notice and sulk that he is being featured less than Vanessa. So let’s write some nice things about baby Ian for today.

He’s a sweet little boy. I think he doesn’t cry as much when I carry him as Vanessa did when she was this age. Ian seems to be quite contented to be cradled or carried around, as long as it is in the right way. His coos are so sweet sounding. He’s getting so much sturdier, so it is a lot easier to move him around. No need to be super extra careful. (Maybe it’s because we have also become more skilled at carrying babies.)

Ian’s quite happy to just observe the things happening around him. So far, we haven’t really brought him anywhere that much. Probably the most frequent outing for him is just to the PD, because we keep having various illnesses cycling between all of us back home. I think we’ll soon be trying to bring him out more often. He’s growing up, needs to see more of the “world”.

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