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Schedule for Nokia N97 v20 Software Release

IMG_2630Hot on the heels of the Nokia N97 v12 software update (which was about 1 month late for me), we are now hearing news about the impending release of the major v20 software update. That is, if the unofficial reports on the Internet are to be believed. Nokia has said the v20 software will be released in October, so it is about time now anyway, assuming of course that the software ships on time. The v20 software is much anticipated, because it claims to fix many of the problems in the older software, and it really should have been the software that accompanied the launch of the N97.

The rumoured report says the v20 software will be released for unbranded phones for a bunch of regions starting from 10 Oct through to 13 Oct. Then, from 14 Oct to 20 Oct, it will become available for branded phones. Let’s hope the schedule is real and the v20 software will indeed ship on time.

But… to put things in perspective, a Nokia employee had stated in the Nokia Support Discussions (forum) that this schedule incorrect. Sigh.

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