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The Vision of Jackie Chan Fighting Virii

131020091258This was another guest lecture I attended this week. It’s the boss of the company who engaged Jackie Chan to fight virii for its TV commercial we’ve been seeing on our TV screens. Yes, Eugene Kaspersky. The title of his talk? Check it out in the photo on left. Eugene shared his vision for a secure Internet. He’s idealistic. But I suppose visions can be idealistic. Unfortunately, the steps to achieve that vision were also unrealistic. But then again, I suppose it is alright to dream. Like how Jackie Chan can fight virii.

I think I’m too pragmatic. I think about how difficult all this will be. Realistically, will we ever have a secure Internet? We may build better defenses, the bad guys will develop better attacks. Can we ever have an Internet police? Can we ever ever have an Internet passport? I had expected a lecture on concrete steps we can take towards better security on the Internet. These ideas are too distant. We are techie people here, it would have been useful, even necessary, to articulate some steps being undertaken to work toward that goal.

I’m going to be a little sarcastic here: Where is Kaspersky in Gartner’s magic quadrant?

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