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Testing the Microsoft Browser Ballot

photo-19After my last post on the Microsoft browser ballot, where I criticized the kind of descriptions that were used, I thought why not run a trial ballot to see what sort of results we would get. So here it is. If you have not read my last post, don’t, at least not until you’re done with this vote. I will tell you enough about it in here so you know what this ballot is all about.

What’s happening is that Windows PC users in Europe may soon get a choice of what web browser to install with their new PCs. The European Commission is forcing Microsoft to give users a choice over the web browser to install. Microsoft’s proposal is to come up with a screen featuring five prominent web browsers, and ask users to choose.

The descriptions given for these five web browsers seem not very neutral. So let’s just run a test ballot to see what kind of brand people will choose. I’ve removed the brand names from the descriptions below. Make your choice.

[poll id=”2″]

Then, you can read my previous post to find out which brands the above descriptions apply to.

I have an idea which brand will get the most vote. What do you think?

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