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iDon’t: What The iPhone Doesn’t Do

iPhone 3G posterVerizon, a big telco in the US, has started a commercial and an ad campaign to attack the iPhone. It’s really hilarious. iDon’t have a real keyboard. iDon’t run simultaneous apps. iDon’t take night shots. iDon’t allow open development. iDon’t customize. iDon’t run widgets. iDon’t have interchangeable batteries. Everything iDon’t. DroidDoes. See the DroidDoes website, or the commercial on YouTube.

I’ve also been fond at mocking the iPhone. It has set a high standard for itself, but unfortunately, it’s features have fallen short of expectations. With the latest iPhone 3G S launched this year, I’d say the phone has made a lot of improvements. But so many others have also improved in the time it took the iPhone to get to where it is. I wonder where Apple will take the iPhone to next year.

If you ask me, I think the Motorola Droid looks like a good spec’ed phone.

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