Fisherio’s Fish and Chip

101020091239This is the Fish and Chip lunch from a few weekends ago, at Fisherio in the basement food area of Takashimaya Shopping Centre. This is the beer batter fish. It’s really nice. The outside is crisp and crunchy. The fish is fresh and succulent. You can see how nice it looks in the photo. Sometimes I wonder why some places can serve good fish, while others cannot. Sometimes even the same place can’t consistently serve the same goodness.

Like the western food stall in NUS Business canteen. The fish and chip is really nice, when it is nice. But ┬ásometimes it isn’t nice. It’s like they have two types of fishes. Or two ways of cooking the fish. It used to be my favourite, but nowadays I have to contend with the fact that ordering fish and chips involves some luck.

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