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North Indian Pakistani Food

I was at the famed ABC market and food centre recently for lunch. There’s quite a lot of good food to pick from in there. When we found an empty table to sit at, I noticed this stall whose signage says they serve North Indian Pakistani Food. Sounds interesting. It seems they are a branch of the Al-Musafir Restaurant located at Kitchener Road. I’ve not heard of them either, actually, but it makes them sound “good”. They sell Briyani, one of my favourite, so I decided to order that.

I ordered Chicken Briyani. They asked if I wanted the normal chicken or the Tandoori Chicken. The normal chicken looked rather uninteresting, so I opted for the Tandoori Chicken. My order, seen in the photo above, comes up to $5. Considering that I had Tandoori Chicken, I’d say the meal was quite reasonably priced.

The food was really yummy. The Tandoori chicken was tender, slightly juicy and full of flavour. The safron rice was also really tasty. I think this is probably among the best Chicken Briyani that I’ve tasted. I would recommend trying it.

The stall also sells Naan and Chapati, which are made only when you order, so they are very fresh. My colleague ordered the Naan, which cost just $1.

I’m not sure if the stall is new, but the staff seemed a little green, fumbling around with customer orders. Fortunately, I was served quite fast, because there wasn’t much of a queue when I was there.

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