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SingTel Mobile Mucks Up Again

It looks like SingTel Mobile has mucked up again. In the late afternoon, I found that my mobile phone had no signal. After rebooting, it seemed to be okay. So perhaps it was my phone. Then my colleague noted that he had no 3G data connection on his SingTel Mobile line. Later in the evening, for much of my trip home, my phone again had no signal at all. When it did, it had no data. Eventually, I got to find out that people have been calling me and were not able to get through. The callers were not on SingTel Mobile network and they got a network busy message calling my phone.

Back home, a quick check in twitter-world confirmed that others are twittering about their problems on SingTel Mobile too. So it is not that the few odd cases that I am personally aware of. So it seems that SingTel Mobile network was mucked up for a couple of hours from this late afternoon to some time in the evening. It isn’t even the first time. I blogged about it previously (which interestingly shows up as the number one search result for “singtel network down” on Google right now).

Let’s say those few hours of downtime today amounted to approximately 2 hours. That’s 0.023% down time, or 99.977% uptime. That’s bad. Phones are supposed to achieve 5 9’s… 99.999% uptime.

There’s nothing much more to say than I’ve already posted about previously. I just want to rant a little about the inconvenience of having a working mobile phone when you need it.

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