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Windows 2000 on UOB ATM?

This is a UOB ATM encountering a “system problem”, spotted recently at a crowded shopping centre in Singapore. The machine is basically a PC running a flavour of Windows. I’m just trying to figure out what Windows it is, and I’m guessing it’s probably Windows 2000. I’m slightly familiar with these things, so it is not surprising to me that they run Windows, even a fairly outdated version of Windows. In fact, I still wouldn’t be all too surprised if they ran OS/2.
But still, I wouldn’t be too comfortable about an ATM machine crashing. Yeah, this machine hadn’t quite crashed yet, but it still isn’t a nice error message to be seeing. Remember how virus attacks could bring down ATM networks in the US?

Why not a Linux machine, I wonder. Has anyone seen a Linux ATM?

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