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iPhone 4G for $5000

iPad fever is passing, it’s now back to iPhone 4G. Guess what? The next generation iPhone 4G was “discovered”, then bought by Gizmodo’s parent company , Gawker Media, for $5000. It’s an expensive iPhone, but perhaps not that much considering the “news” value of this unannounced product.

The new iPhone 4G looks to have a camera flash, a bigger lens for the back camera (and hence perhaps a higher resolution camera), a front-facing camera, and a higher resolution screen.

The biggest visual difference with the new iPhone has to be the general form of the device, which has been tweaked somewhat. It has sharper edges now, somewhat similar to the look of the iPad. The back is no longer curved, but is now flat and seems to be glass or ceramic. I think it looks pretty nice, except that there are too many details on the side that makes the device look rather ‘inelegant’, quite unlike the clean look I’ve come to expect from Apple. Maybe this is just the prototype, and it will get cleaned up in the final product.

The new iPhone uses micro-SIM. It’s a bit of a problem, since we don’t use such SIMs in Singapore, at least not yet. I suppose when the 4G does sell in Singapore, the telcos here have to start switching to micro-SIMs.

In the past, we would be somewhat dubious about the reliability of such pre-announcement leaks. But in this instance, Apple has apparently demanded the return of this device. So we can be quite certain that this is at least some sort of prototype for the next generation iPhone.

I’m still not much of an iPhone fan though.

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