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Simple Pleasures

Porridge buffet for just $6.90. It’s at Marina Square, Centre Stage, in case you’ve not heard of this porridge buffet by Hotpot Culture. Nothing exquisite, nothing fancy. Just simple foods. Simple like: sweet potato porridge, the 3-layer fatty pork, crispy fried ikan bilis, chicken wings, steamed egg custard, etc. Very reasonably priced too… at just $6.90++. You’ve got to sign up to be a member to enjoy the buffet at this price, and membership is free and instant.

I’ll come to this place from time to time for lunch. It’s never very crowded. But it seemed to have gotten quite popular the last weekend when I was there. Perhaps I was a little late, but we noticed a queue starting to form while we were having our lunch.

Hmm, porridge with salted vegetables, salted egg. Just missing the salted fish. My papa would be so delighted to have salted-everything. 😛

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