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No Share Ice Cream

So we were at MacDonald’s restaurant for a tea time break. Ice cream would be nice. I brought Vanessa to the dessert station and asked what she wanted to have. She gestured toward the McFlurry. Hmm. Her tastes seem to have upgraded. It used to be the vanilla ice cream cone. Then, occasionally, the hot fudge sundae. Now… it’s the biggest size of them all… McFlurry. I made sure I didn’t understand wrongly… yes, she really wanted the McFlurry. Okay.

She took hold of the McFlurry and we went back to our table, where she happily slurped down the ice cream. I waited for a few moments… or maybe many moments, then I asked if I can have some of the ice cream. Hmm, you know what? She said “No.”

🙁 We used to share ice cream. Nowadays she wants it all to herself.

Oh well… when she was quite done with the McFlurry (by “done” it’s because most of the remaining bits of ice cream was melted…)… she handed over the cup to me.

Once Ian gets old enough to eat junk food… I guess there’s going to be a lot of competition. We’ll have to order two of everything. They won’t finish their food… hmm and the parents have to eat the left overs.

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