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Ian and His New Bed

We got Ian a new bed. Roughly about the same one that Vanessa also had. It’s interesting to watch the way kids react in different ways given the same situation. When Vanessa’s bed arrived, she instantly knew exactly what it was, that it was hers, and what to do with it. She went straight to it and dived into it, laid down in prone position, and shall I say, instantly fell in love with her bed.

It was a little different with Ian. He looked at the bed suspiciously. Her sister, of course, knew what it was and went into it right away. Ian had to be coaxed a little bit. But it didn’t take too long. The new bed soon became his “swimming pool” and he was happily lying prone waving his arms and legs… as if he was swimming.

Vanessa was a little upset when Ian’s new bed arrived. She missed her old bed, and she fussed about wanting to have her brother’s bed. She eventually got over it a few days later. Now, it’s Ian’s bed at night, and their play-pretend “swimming pool” in the day. Yeah, beds can be used for many more things than just laying in it to sleep. Like, right now, Vanessa and Ian are sharing the bed to drink their milk.

Luckily this is a “cost-effective” bed. I can’t imagine those sort of children’s bed that costs several thousands of dollars. You know, those elaborate multi-deck modular designs with ladders and slides.

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