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Happy Children’s Day

Children’s Day started with a happy meal breakfast at McDonald’s. Yeah, just for the kids. Ian’s probably still to little to really care where we bring him to, just so long as we bring him out. For Vanessa, she’s always excited about going to McDonald’s. I know we were all kids once, but now as adults, I just don’t remember what all the excitement was about. Nothing terribly fabulous about their food eh? But for the kids it is just so very different.

It’s funny that McDonald’s seem to be just about the only fast-food restaurant that targets kids. KFC doesn’t do that. Burger King doesn’t do that. Pizza Hut doesn’t do that. A&W, while they were still around (they aren’t anymore right?), didn’t do that. It seems to make good business sense, isn’t it, to target kids? The kids will bring the parents and the whole family along.

Well, anyway, so we went to McDonald’s for breakfast. Just a simple quick 30-minute breakfast. A Happy Meal toy, and two Happy Meal balloons.

A few years later, I expect Children’s Day will become a much more complicated affair. There will be special requests that cannot be easily “settled” for under $20.

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