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Becoming a Photo Addict

How do you become a photo addict? Buy a Nokia N95 8GB, or probably just about any good modern camera phone. Today is only day 6 of April, and guess how many photos have I snapped so far in this month? 144! Plus another 6 video snippets. I am definitely getting very good value out of this phone! I can imagine I’m going to have problems managing my collection of photos and videos.

Camera phones still don’t quite match the capabilities and performance of compact digital cameras. However, being on hand most of the time (at least more so than a compact digital camera would be), allows camera phones the opportunity to seize most photo-taking opportunities.

How has your camera phone served you?

3 thoughts on “Becoming a Photo Addict

  1. the N95 8GB is the best cameraphone i’ve owned to date. it made me interested with photography again. i don’t even bring my digital camera anymore! it’s still not a digital camera replacement for me but it’s just fun to use most of the time.

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