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My Baby Eyes The Mac

Baby and the Powerbook G4Look at how this baby is all over the Mac notebook. I think she totally wants to own this Mac. Nevermind that it is a bit dated and no where as slick as the latest MacBook Air. Nevermind that she actually doesn’t have very much use of the Mac. At least not in the traditional sense of what the notebook is intended to be used for. But still she is having so much fun with the Mac. That’s even before she has figured out how to open the notebook!

It’s quite funny to watch Vanessa play with new things. Usually we give her smaller objects like wallets, handphones, remote controls, etc. But here she is having fun with a somewhat larger object. She’s quite strong, so it isn’t any problem for her to lift up the Mac Powerbook G4 and turn it around.

Hmm, today we are still waging PC vs Mac wars. I wonder what tech landscape will we see in a couple of years?

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