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Banking with Citi Mobile

Mobile banking has taken another step forward with the Citi Mobile iPhone app, which you can already start downloading to install into your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It’s overall an improvement of existing functions, but the great thing is the introduction of new features. The convenience of online banking and being able to access its related promotional services are just superb. We live in this digitally-connected generation… everything just needs to be online and mobile.

What’s new with the Citi Mobile iPhone app? Apart from the improved search functions in Gourmet Pleasures and Citi World Privileges, here are some new functions that let you:

  • Search for shopping deals,
  • Search for rebates,
  • Get treats through e-coupons,
  • Configure the app.

The new location based feature, using the phone’s GPS, enables the app to show you privileges near to where you are. Just click on the “Search Nearby” button. It’s just like the SearchNearby app, except this is Citibank-centric of course. To me, this has to be the single most useful feature. I often find myself out somewhere, wondering… what offers are there nearby, and more particularly, what dining promotions are there nearby.

Another interesting thing is Mobile Treats. These are special limited treats that you can redeem online, through the phone. The e-coupon, or mobile voucher, is displayed on your phone which you then show to the participating merchant. I know this sounds reminiscent of the email coupons of yesteryears, but hey, they’re still good discounts and this just makes it more convenient.

My only regret is that this is currently available only as an iPhone app, and I don’t have an iPhone. I hear they are working on something for the Android platform. Let’s hope it comes sooner than later. I feel a bit envious about what the Citi Mobile iPhone app can do.

On a slightly related topic: Check out Citibank Singapore on Facebook. Snap a photo of an interesting place or unique situation where you can bank with Citi Mobile, and you could win a return ticket to anywhere in the world and pick up any Sony VAIO notebook that you want. (Photo submission by 25 Oct 2010.)

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