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Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Bluetooth

After deliberating for some time, I finally got around to getting a cordless mouse today. I wanted to do away with wires, preferably use bluetooth. I was actually looking at a Razer mouse, but found that it was too expensive for basic mousing needs. I’ve had Logitech cordless mice before. The mouse feels quite nice in the hand, but Logitech mice and keyboards haven’t lasted very long in my use. I wasn’t very fond of Microsoft mice. Hence the dilemma: Which mouse should I get?

Well, I picked up the Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Bluetooth. It’s bluetooth wireless, so there’s one cable less on my work table, and more importantly, also no need for a cumbersome receiver dongle that begs to get lost.

Setting up the mouse was straight-forward. I paired it with my MacBook Pro. The original tracking speed was insanely quick. It’s probably because I had it set so for my Magic Mouse (it works just right for me at this setting). I had to install the software that came with the mouse, Logitech Control Center, before the Logitech’s mouse tracking speed was reasonably usable.

I’m not impressed with the tracking accuracy. In fact, I actually find it much easier to make precise pointer adjustments with the MacBook Pro’s built-in trackpad.

I finally understand what the fuss with Bluetooth lag is all about. The Logitech V470 has the lag. It’s quite irritating, even though I don’t use it for playing games (at least not action-based time-sensitive games). I don’t have any lagging problems with the Apple Might Mouse or Magic Mouse, both being Bluetooth mice themselves. The Logitech V470 lags. If the mouse is left idle for just a few seconds, it’s like its wireless connection to the notebook is “torn down”, so that when you next move the mouse, it takes a noticeable moment before the notebook registers the mouse activity.

So, overall, I think I would have much preferred another Magic Mouse. Next time around, I think I’ll try Razer.

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