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I consider, as well as its speakers, quite respected. Its speakers have made, or have the potential to make, positive impact to society. So I was quite intrigued to learn about Susan Lim’s talk at the INK Conference in India being featured on She spoke on Transplanting Cells, Not Organs. If you are familiar with, you’d know that its purpose is to disseminate “ideas worth spreading”. Susan Lim’s talk wasn’t what I’d call earth-shattering, but she appeared passionate about it.

I’m just mentioning this bit of information because of the so-called moral-ethics controversy currently surrounding her regarding her alleged overcharging of her Bruneian royalty patient.

The funny thing is that is itself embroiled in some controversy of late, including that of alleged intellectual dishonesty and elitism. (Yes, since then, my respect for has also somewhat been clouded.)

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