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Vote for Your Town Improvement Plan

The pre-election period seems to be the time that our government is hardest at work, as well as the time that our politicians make the most effort to reach out to the citizens whom they represent. When I saw the “Launch of 5 Year Town Improvement Plan” roadshow at Bukit Panjang Plaza yesterday, I thought to myself how it was very much like project work and project presentations in tertiary education institutions (i.e. such as in university).

Why do I say that? It seems to me it’s all about eleventh-hour work singularly aimed at scoring maximum points. It’s almost like how students rush their projects just prior to the deadline. The work is hardly well-distributed. If you like to apply the 80-20 rule, 80% of the effort happens at the last 20% of the time.

Just when elections are due, all the glam glam projects that matter most to citizens and constituents are unveiled. That’s where they seem to be singularly aimed at scoring points. It should be scoring points for the government, but it is being subliminally positioned as the work of the PAP.

To put things in perspective, perhaps this is the most practical thing to do. The important matters of national interest are best dealt with at other times, because the commoner are most concerned about bread-and-butter issues. Yup, even in modern Singapore.

Alright, it is not my intention to turn this blog into a political commentary site. I just couldn’t resist the shallowness of some of the politicking that goes on. There’s one thing that I’m quite certain about: This election will be unlike any other we’ve had. Oh of course every election is different, but this will be very different. The Internet and widespread prevalence of social media will make this election so different from any others before.

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