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Accident With A Bus

A really unfortunately thing happened in the afternoon today. A bus reversed into my car. I was behind this bus, which was in turn behind another pickup, all at the exit of a car park. The bus suddenly reversed (probably because the pickup reversed), and collided into my car. The trouble with automatic transmissions is that they take some time to engage. The bus driver just didn’t bother to look, and there wasn’t enough time for me to reverse out of the way. It didn’t help that I sounded my horn. 🙁

The subsequent events really annoyed me. The bus driver simply drove off! Yes, he can claim that he did not realize he had hit someone, but then how about the incessant sounding of my horn? Furthermore, it kind of underscores the point that he had not even looked in the rear camera (yes the bus was equipped with a rear camera).

Sigh. When finally confronted to inspect the damage, he had the cheek to tell me to let the matter pass, because there was no way I could get any claim in my favour. (Yes, usually the vehicle behind is in a disadvantageous position.)

He refused to exchange particulars. Then he headed back to his bus, got into his seat and was about to drive off when I shouted at him to stop. I asked for his name, and he simply pointed to a sign on the bus that had his name, without saying a word. I demanded to have his address, phone number, etc, before he finally gave his NRIC. I offered to give him my particulars, and guess what? He tells me “no need.” Hmm I wonder how does he make an accident report without knowing my particulars?

There are cameras all over the place. I sincerely hope there will be some useful video footage to show proof that it was the bus that reversed into my car.

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