LTA Needs To Up Their Online Smartness

Pothole on Bukit Timah Road

Often times, I feel all our e-government, smart nation, and whatever other initiatives to take us to the next level of a futuristic city, is all just superficial. I’ve complained previously about how some government online services have “working hours”. (How absurd right?) I could give other examples, but today, my gripe is with the Land Transport Authority (LTA). I…

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New Yokohama 205/65R15 Tyres


The tyre on my car was getting quite bald, so it was time to change them. It was a little overdue too. I went to the same tyre shop that I had gone to the last time, and changed a set of 4 Yokohama 205/65R15 94H tyres. The price seems reasonable, at S$120 each. I had in the past patronised Autobacs, but…

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More COEs Coming, But Higher Prices Expected

Traffic at Upper Bukit Timah Road

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced yesterday that there’ll be an increase of 14.7% of Certificate of Entitlement (COE) quota in the coming quarter. More quotas should normally mean that COE prices should see a drop. But it seems that this might not be the case anymore, thanks to new players in the market to compete for COEs. COE quotas are…

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Video Samples From BlackVue DR750LW-2CH

DR750LW-2CH Sample Video

I’ve just installed Pittasoft’s latest car camera, the BlackVue DR750LW-2CH. This is a dual camera system, with both cameras capable of recording full HD video. I’d normally write a full review post, but before I find time to get around to it, I thought I’d share some quick video samples so you can get an idea of the camera quality….

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How To Fix Inconsiderate Drivers


At some time or other, probably just about all drivers will find themselves enraged with some other driver. It could be reckless driving, idiotic parking, or a variety of other inconsiderate road behaviour. It’s fortunate, I think, that social networks have provided many an avenue to vent their frustration, otherwise there might be lots more violence on our roads. I have…

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Calculating Scrap Value of Singapore Cars

Back of car

I did not intend for this blog to have a focus on car ownership in Singapore. Interestingly, I’ve found that the most popular visit here is about scrap value of Singapore cars, officially known as the PARF/COE rebates for deregistering a vehicle. This is my 2015 update having also written a similar update in 2012. The rules are simpler now, thankfully,…

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IU With Unhelpful Error Message


So because someone couldn’t think to produce more sensible error codes, I wasted one hour of my time to sort out this problem, plus maybe half a day worrying about a possible In-vehicle Unit (IU) fault. I don’t know how many other people met with the same problem as me. Think of all the accumulated time wasted, simply because someone couldn’t…

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Tapping Into ECU With OBD Dongle

_DSC2206 - Version 2

If you own or drive a car, you probably know that modern vehicles are mostly controlled by computers in one way or other. One of the most basic computer is the Engine Control Unit, or ECU, which manages the performance of the engine. Now, if there’s a computer in there, why isn’t there some sort of computer interface on the…

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What’s Wrong With Taxis in Singapore?


I was flipping through our Land Transport Authority’s Land Transport Master Plan recently. A couple of statistics caught my attention. One of it is about taxis. According to the LTA, there are 5,129 taxis per million persons in Singapore. There are 2,642 taxis per million persons in Hong Kong. I’m extremely puzzled. In Hong Kong, if you accidentally wave your…

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Not $78K, But Now $82K For Right to Own Car


It was $78K last month, and I thought it was already a ridiculous price to pay for that certificate of entitlement to own a car. The first bidding exercise this month saw a modest increase to $79K. But last evening, the results of the 2nd bidding exercise of March continues to see a significant increase in the Cat B COE…

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