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Video Samples From BlackVue DR750LW-2CH

I’ve just installed Pittasoft’s latest car camera, the BlackVue DR750LW-2CH. This is a dual camera system, with both cameras capable of recording full HD video. I’d normally write a full review post, but before I find time to get around to it, I thought I’d share some quick video samples so you can get an idea of the camera quality.

DR750LW-2CH Sample Video

This is not my first BlackVue camera. I previously had the DR500GW-HD camera. I chose BlackVue because of their superior video quality. There’s little use in having an in-car digital video recorder if it records crappy video. I’m happy that the DR750LW-2CH doesn’t disappoint.

The DR750LW-2CH doesn’t cheat with a lesser capable rear camera. Both cameras record full HD, 1920×1080 resolution at 30 fps.

The video below is from the front camera, shot while travelling at highway speeds in the evening.

The next video is the corresponding capture from the rear camera at the same time. I had the rear camera mounted at the top of the rear windscreen. You’ll notice that the heater wire lines are visible. They are, unfortunately, unavoidable.

Next, I have a night recording test. This is from the front camera, again travelling at highway speeds.

Finally, this is the corresponding video captured from the rear camera.

Notice the times in the night video is “off”, because I had forgotten to correctly set the camera timezone. My original time, which was set manually, got adjusted by GPS, which I finally got connected properly. In the evening capture, I thought the GPS cable plug was inserted, but it hadn’t been fully pushed in, and hence wasn’t actually working.

Video capture from a vehicle moving at high speed is pretty demanding. The travelling speeds in my samples are approximately between 60 km/h to 80 km/h.

I hope this will give you a pretty good idea of the DR750LW-2CH video capture quality. Look out for my full review of the camera soon.

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