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No Letter No Postcard For Funpack

I’ve asked some friends, and I’ve checked online forums, so I know I’m not alone. I don’t have the letter, and I don’t have the postcard, for the collection of my SG Funpack. Perhaps I could have mistakenly tossed away both the letter and the postcard, wrongly assuming they were junk mail. But I think unlikely.

SG Funpack

I do toss mails away, but I’ll at least check that they are really junk. Then, seeing that there are an appreciable number of others who also don’t have both their letters and postcards, I suppose I could be among those who really didn’t get them.

Seeing that the kids at home might love to have the SG Funpack, I decided to find out how I could lay my claim to one. Every Singaporean and PR household is supposed to get one, so certainly I ought to qualify. I checked out which community centre or community club was supposed to be serving my area, then I called them up to enquire about the SG Funpack collection.

As it turns out, they had left a bunch of SG Funpack at the managing agent’s office in my condo. That is really convenient. I went there knocking. Oddly enough, my household is apparently not on the list for the distribution of SG Funpacks. It’s weird. However, seeing that we’re clearly Singaporeans (with NRIC to prove), we got our Funpacks anyway.

If you find yourself missing your SG Funpack too, check out which community centre or community club serves your household, and call them up to enquire.

SG Funpack

If you don’t have yours yet, and you’re wondering what’s in the Funpack, the above photo shows all the items. I understand there are several variations of items. There are also 50 designs of the tote bag. So yours could be a little different from what I’ve got above.

  • Brochure from constituency about Jubilee weekend programmes
  • Booklet of discount coupons
  • Card bearing the Proclamation of Singapore
  • Singapore mini-flag, with stand
  • LED balloon maraca
  • Singa figurine
  • UIC detergent
  • Bottle of water
  • Muruku and lollipop
  • Old Maid playing cards and some erasers
  • Tattoo stickers
  • Super coffee

Total worth is officially stated to be worth $8. I suppose if you count the savings from the discount coupons, the SG Funpack could be worth more to you.

Have you gotten your SG Funpack?

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