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Accident With A Bus – Update

I’m quite lucky. There was video footage of the accident! The video clearly showed both the bus and my car, and that the bus reversed into my car. Furthermore, it was caught on more than one video camera too! This is quite fortunate, since the vehicle behind typically gets the blame for such accidents. The video will definitely help in my claim. (Sorry can’t post it online since…)

I got my car back today. I think Borneo Motors also practices the under-promise over-deliver approach to customer service. They originally told me my car would be ready next Tuesday. But the repair was completed and ready for pickup today. Sometimes over-delivering can also get annoying — it upset my appointments and schedule for today having to slot in time to pick up the car. But of course I was delighted to get the car back anyway.

The rental wasn’t that nice to drive. The steering was too heavy. The car shakes noticeably when I brake. The engine was noisy, and it seems to lack power. I think the car has been quite poorly maintained, this despite the clocked mileage was significantly lesser than my car.

1 thought on “Accident With A Bus – Update

  1. Hi Zit Seng, this is Gary Tan, your fellow medic at TAB (09/91-06/93). From the picture of your grey car, I guess it is a Altis or Camry. I drive a Toyota too (Altis). Do you send it to Borneo Motors for regular servicing? I send it to third-party workshops for regular servicing as they usually charge much less than Borneo Motors.

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