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ieatishootipost Annual General Makan 2011

16th December 2011 was the date of ieatishootipost’s AGM (Annual General Makan). It’s their 2nd Crab Fest, and the highlight of this dinner, held at Chin Huat Live Seafood at Sunset Way, was the 5 crabs and 1 lobster dish. The Wife signed us up for the makan fest. This is the first makan outing I’ve been to with ieatishootipost, and it also isn’t the usual kind of blogger makan outing. I’ve been so looking forward to this makan since, after all, ieatishootipost is pretty famous and has a big following.

It was a wet evening, raining much of that afternoon. But we did get to the restaurant on time. Located at Clementi Street 12, the neighbourhood is also known as Sunset Way and received some media attention a year or two ago as a nice chillout dining venue away from the usual city crowds.

Here’s a rundown of the menu for the night:

  1. Teochew Sri Lanka Cold Crab
  2. Alaskan King Crab Steamed with Wine
  3. Stir Fried Boston Lobster in Superior Broth
  4. Chilled Vegetables in Wasabi Sauce
  5. Golden Sauce Sri Lanka Mud Crabs
  6. Black Pepper Dungeness Crab
  7. Crab Meat Ee-Fu Noodles
  8. Dessert

The food was, my brutally honest truth, below expectations. Maybe it’s because it has been hyped up so much that we were expecting nothing less than the most heavenly feast. Or maybe there really are pretty good crabs elsewhere too. But overall they were satisfying. Plenty of crabs and lobster to feed and satisfy us. At $60 a pax for dinner, it’s a pretty good value too.

I understand there was something like 20 tables at this makan outing. It must be quite a challenge for the kitchen staff at Chin Huat to serve up such massive quantities of food while still maintaining quality.

This Teochew Sri Lanka Cold Crab was our first dish.

The Alaskan King Crab Steamed with Wine below is probably my favourite for the night.

Here’s the Stir Fried Boston Lobster in Superior Broth.

The Chilled Vegetables in Wasabi Sauce was like an intermission in our crab and lobster fest.

The Golden Sauce Sri Lanka Mud Crabs came next.

The Black Pepper Dungeness Crab dish was our last main crab dish (apart from the crab noodles).

Carbo dish of the night, Crab Meat Ee-Fu Noodles.

We didn’t stay for desserts. Stomachs were filled, and we wanted to go pick up the kids before heading home.

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