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It’s Lunar New Year Again!

The of the Water Dragon comes around tomorrow. It’s the 4709th Lunar New Year. Every Chinese family is probably now busy one way or other preparing for the new year. In fact, for many of them, various sorts of celebrations would already have started. I just had my first lao yu sheng and reunion meal at lunch, and will have another one at dinner tonight. This is the customary gathering of family and relatives to reunite and celebrate the new year.

There will be many more of these meals to come. If people think Christmas and New Year celebrations make you grow fat, I think the Lunar New Year is much worse. The celebrations, customarily, lasts 15 days, and there are so many excuses to feast, and so much more that you can feast on.

This Lunar New Year will be a little different though. The Wife will be staying home, with our new baby Isaac, and I’ll be left with shepherding the other two kids around Singapore. It’s actually not difficult to manage the two kids per se, except that we will be out long enough that they’ll probably be needing some nap time in-between. I’m not sure yet how exactly we’ll manage that, but they’re usually quite cooperative so I think they’ll be fine.

Vanessa’s asking if there’ll be school tomorrow. I suppose she still hasn’t understood the concept of Public Holidays. It’s just a day where we go places. In a few years, Lunar New Year will be a fun holiday. Then for adults like me, it’s actually getting quite tiring. I think there’s too much hype into these festival celebrations.

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