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Twittering On or Twittering Off?

I haven’t really gotten onto the Twitter bandwagon. Sure, I have a Twitter account, just like about almost everyone else that exist on any social network. But I’ve found that in my circles, Facebook seems to be the overwhelmingly most frequently used social networking tool. I didn’t think Twitter really mattered anymore. Besides, there were just too many clumsy quirks due to various technical limitations of their technology. Is Twitter still very relevant now?

I’m wondering about it, because, at some times when I interact with various organizations, I’m asked for my Twitter username. Sure, they ask about it along with my Facebook URL too. But I’m just surprised that Twitter is regarded as being on the same level of Facebook. I never, personally, thought of Twitter that way. So, I wondered, should I keep up with a Twitter presence?

I’m not too fond to sign up with too many things. Yes, I may sign up to try out and explore. But I don’t want, or have the time, to keep active with all of them. I’ve been on FourSquare, for example, long enough to earn a decent number of badges, but I’ve left the account dormant for some time. I still get LinkedIn requests from time to time, although I’ve also decided to leave it dormant. There just isn’t enough time to distribute among all the social media “obligations”.

So far I haven’t had much issues leaving dormant the various things I’ve abandoned. Twitter is just that one exception. Is it really still useful these days?

Yes, I’ve noted with interest that in the midst of the SMRT breakdown saga last December, SMRT launched a Twitter account. Not a Facebook page, but a Twitter account. It’s yet another thing that tells me Twitter is still quite in the playing field of social media.

What do you think?

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