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The McDonalds Kids

This photo of Vanessa and Ian with Ronald McDonalds (yah, the statue) was taken maybe a month ago. It seems pretty ordinary. Most children love McDonalds right? And Ronald McDonalds is the symbol of McDonalds and their Happy Meals. But for some strange reason, Vanessa was terrified of Ronald McDonalds. Ian, because his sister was terrified, somehow also acquired the fear too. It just seems so strange that they would be so terrified of Ronald McDonalds?

So after years of trying to coax Vanessa to “befriend” Ronald McDonalds, on this day she finally agreed to stand next to him to take a photo. Ian decided he will still keep a little distance, and stood slightly further away. But anyhow, I think they are finally warming up to Ronald McDonalds.

We have breakfast at McDonalds from time to time. Our favourite order is the hotcakes. The kids will share a Happy Meal with hotcakes, and I’ll have the adult sized hotcakes meal. In the past, they used to share a single Happy Meal, and still I had to help them finish it. In recent months, they’ll clean up the single Happy Meal, and also the hash brown from my meal (on top of the hash brown that already comes with the Happy Meal).

Soon, they’re going to each have to have their own Happy Meal. Hmm, and then when baby Isaac grows up enough to join in… our order combo will have to change. 😛

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