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The Cisco iPhone

Today Cisco’s Chairman and CEO, John Chambers, delivered his keynote at Cisco Live 2008. The hall was packed, and it kind of felt like a concert with all the lighting effects, live display screens, etc. Of course I can’t say there is as much excitement or anticipation like when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone or MacBook Air at equivalent Apple’s events. (Well, clearly it seems Cisco Live has more attendees than MacWorld conference attendees, not counting Expo-only visitors to MacWorld).

One of the highlights of the keynote was a collaboration demo of an upcoming WebEx product. It was funny when the demonstrator wanted to talk about how he could move phone calls to/from the iPhone, he referred to the iPhone as “Cisco’s iPhone”. John Chambers corrected him. It brings back memories of the squabble between Cisco and Apple over the iPhone trademark. I wonder if Cisco has more phone ideas up their sleeves. Maybe further developments on the Linksys iPhone?

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