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Feels Like In Japan…

Recently while the family and I were shopping at Takashimaya, as we descended down the escalator to B2, I felt a distinct atmosphere as if the place as in Japan. The lights, the colours, the crowd, the food, the aroma… it was like walking through one of the crowded bustling shopping centres in Tokyo. It’s quite awesome that Takashimaya could recreate an atmosphere like that.

They were having a food fair. (It’s over by the time this post is published.) Out at Takashimaya Square, as the central open area at B2 is known, there were all sorts of food stuffs, local, regional, and elsewhere.

But within the Takashimaya departmental store itself, the stalls for the food fair were all selling Japanese delicacies. They all look really delectable! We bought some and they did taste great too.

Do you feel hungry already just looking at the photos?

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