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West Coast Park Playground

Not all playgrounds are equal. Some are simple, some others are a little bigger and have more play features. Then, there are others like this one at West Coast Park that is really quite big, and fitted with much more than average play features you’d expect from any other playground. If you’re thinking this is a fee-charging facility, it isn’t. Just a big free public playground.

Although it’s next to the sea, there’s not much beach. The small little miserable beach doesn’t look quite inviting. But if you, or your kids, love to play with sand, there’s plenty of sand “inland”. You can just skip the beach altogether. Yet, at the same time, if you enjoy looking out to the sea, just for the sea views, well, that’s still there.

The fun part, for the kids at least, is definitely in the playground. There are so many things there, suitable for a wide range of ages, and different levels of excitement and challenge. Here’s just a few snapshots.

There’re many more, I didn’t get photos of all the play areas. There’s also bathing facilities, and there’s a McDonald’s there. A little farther away (500m or thereabouts), there’s a bicycle and go-kart rental kiosk.

It’s a great way to get expend the kid’s energy, so that the parents will have some quiet time later in the day!

If you like kite-flying, there’s a big open field for that. There’s always many folks flying kites there.

Apart from all that, this looks like a great place for having picnics. Some folks also camp out here. There are areas marked out for campers.

It’s a very different place from East Coast Park. The only thing missing is some water play area. (Noted sea activities are out-of-the-question given its location.)

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