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Playing On The Slide

I brought Vanessa to the playground today, and put her on the slide. It’s her first time on the slide, and she was not sure what she was supposed to do on the slide. Initially, she held on to the sides and tried to inch down bit by bit. Later, she also tried to crawl down the slide. She even wanted to stand up on the slide (wah, so advanced liao…!). Haha, I tried to help her into a sliding motion, and eventually she got to slide around on her own just a little bit. Probably with a couple more practice she’ll be sliding down like a pro.

Vanessa’s just over 15 months old today (15 months and 2 days to be precise). She’s walking around on her own, wandering off on her own too, not needing nor wanting daddy or mummy to hold her. She stayed at the playground quite a long while today, exploring the various things that were there.

I tried to coax her to go home after we had hung around long enough at the playground. Once we were on the way, I was quite surprised that she knew her way back. She was making the correct turns, going the right paths. I wasn’t holding her… nor leading the way. I guess she was sufficiently familiar with the estate.

These couple of weeks Vanessa won’t get to see me as often or as regularly as usual. The previous two weeks I was traveling in Orlando. The next three weeks I will be doing my ICT. Although the ICT will be in Singapore, but there’ll probably be a good number of nights that I will not get home. It hasn’t even started, but I already cannot wait for ICT to be over.

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