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Levi’s Jeans At Under $40

This pair of Levi’s 514 jeans costs $219 in Singapore. Perhaps a little less with the GSS on, but probably it’s still going to be over $150. I find this horribly expensive to pay for a pair of jeans. I bought this very same pair of Levi’s Jeans at $39.76. This is just a fraction of what you’d have to pay in Singapore stores. Can you guess where did I get the jeans?

Not in Singapore of course. Levi’s jeans are just too overpriced in SIngapore. It is so much cheaper in the US. I don’t know about other countries. In the US, it is not even like you have to travel hour to go to some factory outlet in the middle of nowhere. Yes, while I was in Orlando last week, I headed down to Florida Mall, and at Macy’s, I found this 514 jeans selling for US$28.96 after tax, which comes up to about S$39.76.

An awful discount, so much that I bought two pairs. (I would have wanted to buy more, but I already had too many things to cart back to Singapore.)

Some of the retail clothing in Singapore are just way too overpriced. It’s not just Levi’s, but many other brands as well. I bought a GAP jeans for under US$30 in a previous trip. It was something I bought from a downtown SF store.

Many many years ago, I had the idea that the good discounts were only at the factory outlets located in the middle of nowhere. They are no doubt cheaper, but I had found out that it only costs like a few dollars more in a downtown shop. There was really no point to go through the inconvenience of having to get out of town.

There are other things apart from clothing that are also overpriced in Singapore. For example, a battery for my MacBook 13.3″ costs S$232 in Singapore, but the equivalent of S$188 when purchased in the US. Exactly the same product.

With a globalized economy, online shopping, and declining international shipping rates… I certainly hope prices in Singapore start to make sense.

With a Levi’s jeans costing under $40, who wants to buy Giordano anymore?

7 thoughts on “Levi’s Jeans At Under $40

  1. Hi. I share the same sentiment with you. I am in Malaysia – and the Levi’s 514 and 527 are nowhere to be found! According to the shops, they are not authorised to sell them in this glorious country! Whatever….

    Went online, got an American shipping address service and have bought a pair of 514 and 527. I can only compare the price with the average 501 here. After all the shipping charges and DHL delivery included, it still worked out cheaper than buying a 501 in Malaysia. As you said, it is about time prices came down…otherwise, the internet will do more for us as days go by. Not only for the price, but in my case for the variety/choice as well.

    1. Hi. I’m quite curious what’s going to happen when Premium Outlets opens their branch in Malaysia (I think it was announced somewhere). How are they going to price their stuffs? I was in Honolulu recently and checked the Levis could be gotten at about US$25 from the Premium Outlets branch there.

  2. 25-freaking-dollars?! Wow! That’s a steal. Where did you read the announcement on Premium Outlets for Malaysia? It would be good to know finally some sense will prevail in terms of price! Keep you posted…meanwhile, let’s enjoy the over-priced jeans we have!

    Have you heard of Springfield Jeans…? It is a Spanish brand. Stumbled upon it yesterday and good cuts and sizes. I got a pair 50% off, from RM299, I paid RM150, which is about SG$65-70. Nice fit….I think there are outlets in Spore too…

  3. I bought a levis signature straight fit online.i never got the chance to wear due to wrong sizes.the one i bought is size W33/L32.anybody want to chg with mine.i actually need size 32.

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