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It’s December Again!

The last month of the year is here again! The month we celebrate Christmas, wind down for the New Year, and the time where there’s lots of shopping, dining, and partying. The month that many people travel on holidays. It used to be one of the cooler and wetter months of the year too, although changing climate patterns have somewhat randomised the weather throughout the year.

December used to be something I looked forward to very much. It’s the school holidays, that’s why. Of course, this was only true prior to entering university. Once in university, holidays were actually when tests and projects are scheduled. (The only true school holidays then were the long summer breaks.)

Once graduated from “A” Levels, the December holidays are not exactly school holidays anymore. But of course, there’s still much sense of the end-of-year festivities that everyone enjoys.

Then after university, getting started with working life, December changes again. Of course, there’s always still the same end-of-year festivities. But for some people, end-of-year could be critical periods at work, like closing of financial year, or sales quarter, etc. The people involved in making the end-of-year festivities, well, festive, probably do have to work harder after all.

All sorts of businesses are capitalising on the end-of-year festivities. It’s quite interesting to see how technology consumer companies are aligning their product refresh cycles to coincide with and ride on the end-of-year buying frenzy. Like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, for example.

How is December for you?

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