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A Healthy Wrapped Lunch

Singaporeans are getting more conscious about eating heathy. Yet, grabbing a quick bite often means going for the not-so-healthy fast food. If you’re looking for more healthy lunch choices, well, here’s a new one. It’s the newly launched Simply Wrapps. They will officially launch on 2 Dec, but they are already open now at the newly revamped 100 AM shopping mall adjacent to the Amara Hotel.

Their location on the 3rd storey at #03-22 will not easily draw in lunch time traffic from the streets. But hopefully, those who have braved the temptation of Subway on the ground level will find more satisfaction from having a healthy and tasty lunch.

I had to mention Subway because that seems to be the closest in terms of food category to what Simply Wrapps sells. That’s a very broad categorisation, of course, because they are really not the same. Beyond the obvious that one sells wraps and the other sandwiches, Simply Wrapps is a lot about wholesome food that contain plenty of greens and fresh cooked meat.

So instead of Italian BMT, they have a juicy italian herb chicken wrap named the Tower of Pisa. That certainly sounded like an exotic wrap. My lunch choice during my visit was something more plain — Fish and Wrap. The fish was very nicely done, juicy and very flavourful. There are several types of wraps (yes, that’s the wrap itself) to choose from, and the “Special Burnt” one I had was great.

That’s Ian finishing off his Wild Mushroom Soup. He loved it so much you could say the bowl was glued to his face, and it had to be pried off. Alright, that’s probably exaggerating too much, but the soup was definitely delicious. (He did have a 2nd bowl too!)

Simply Wrapps’ outlet at 100 AM is their first. It’s not the most convenient of locations, except perhaps for people working in the vicinity. If the concept takes off and they franchise themselves, we could easily have healthy and tasty quick bites readily available everywhere.

If you’re working in the area, do check out Simply Wrapps as a regular lunch option. If you don’t, well, it’s still a refreshing new food concept anyway that deserves to be tried out!

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