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Riding on Public Transport

When I was young, I wasn’t that excited about taking the bus. That’s what I can recall, anyway. There were no trains then, of course, other than the ones that go across the causeway. My two kids, on the other hand, are quite excited about taking public transport. Ian, particularly, is just crazily excited about trains. Good thing for him that trains are fully air-conditioned, as are all the underground MRT stations.

It was the car that was the novelty, from what I remember. We always had a car as far as I can remember. Somehow, things have reversed in terms of which transport has become more “interesting”.

Yes, for Vanessa and Ian, I suppose it’s because they don’t always take the bus or train, so that’s what’s exciting for them. Maybe if they ride a lot more regularly, public transport will become a lot less interesting. Like Vanessa’s taking the bus quite often with me lately on Saturdays. I think the enthusiasm level has come down a notch.

Cars are getting so crazily expensive these few years. The currently COE, just that on its own, is already significantly more than the entire purchase prize of my current car. It looks like public transport might become the only viable option, at least for the vast majority of the population.

Give another few years, the Downtown Line that serves my area will be completed. Good thing that Vanessa and Ian are enjoying public transport. I hope their fondness for public transport will last!

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