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Snow and Avalanche at Tanglin Mall

Every December, for the last many years, Tanglin Mall has been having this Christmas “feature”. Snow and avalanche will arrive every night to the tremendous delight of all the kids. Artificial snow and avalanche, of course. In the hot and tropical climate that we have in Singapore, we’ll never see real snow falling from the sky here. For many Singaporeans, this is as good as it gets.

The schedule hasn’t changed from previous years. Avalanche starts daily from 7:30pm, followed by snow at 7:45pm, and everything ends at 8pm. On weekends, there’s another “session” of avalanche at 8:30pm, snow at 8:45pm, and everything ending at 9pm.

Some kids are there completely prepared to have a soaking good time. I.e., they go in with swim attire. There are some washing facilities at the side, in case you’re wondering.

Personally, I thought this snowy feature is getting a little stale. Year after year it’s about the same thing. I would have expected some tweaks. Maybe like how they could have made the snow rain down from the rooftop, or an avalanche that came down a waterfall. How about some events to go along on the side? I think some change would help to pull in more crowds to see what’s new.

I suppose children don’t have that high expectations. They’re alright with just the same snow and avalanche every year.

This year, Vanessa and Ian were a little more excited about the “snow” than they were previously. They would have been apprehensive about being overwhelmed by the foam, but this time they were much less intimidated. They still didn’t like the idea of getting too much foam on their heads or body though. That was fine with me, since I didn’t want to have to clean them up before heading home.

Merry Christmas!

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