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Ian’s First Concert

This is Ian at his first concert. It’s actually his second, but he didn’t perform in the first one, last year, so this is the first where he’s performing in. Last year, he was too scared. The teachers were prepared for it, because he kept wanting out from the many practices and rehearsals. This year, he’s totally a brave young boy, thoroughly enjoying himself. That, despite others around him having the the jitters.

He was also brave enough to be making the announcement to introduce their performance item. Oh, he wasn’t alone; a handful other children were also saying the words altogether. He did have to say the “I’m Ian Lai” part solo, and I think he did it very well. Slowly, and clearly. Yeah, despite him slurring the entire announcement at a super fast pace very time he was asked to practise.

I originally thought he would be the solo announcer, or at most paired with one other person. Selected because he talks too much and clearly had plenty of confidence speaking. I remember one of the first feedback we received when he was new at the child care centre was that talked too much, that he talked with the teachers throughout the sleep time, and refused to sleep. Yes, it did take Ian quite a long while to get used to sleeping in school.

Funnily, Ian could also begin an impromptu performance even when they accidentally played the wrong song. Their second performance item met with some hiccups when they kept playing all the wrong tracks. At one point, Ian actually began to move and clap his hands. Just as if that was the item that he had been prepared to perform.

Ian still regularly cries for the minutest reasons. But seeing his performance today, it looks like he’s grown up to be a brave young boy. Glad he enjoyed his concert.

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