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Michael Palmer’s Political Suicide

------WebKitFor-BoundarybqdbBjxdryfz3Oig Content-Disposition: form-data; name="attachments[3427][post_excerpt]"He had to know it was political suicide. The scandal, and the massive cover-up that has gone awry. Sometimes, the difference between right and wrong is only a matter of interpretation. It’s a puzzle, and it concerns the entire country, but uncovering the truth could put the entire country at risk. “Political Suicide”, 18th thriller by Michael Palmer, just became available yesterday. The Washington Post says, “Political Suicide won’t disappoint”.

Oh, and then there is our own Michael Palmer, Member of Parliament and Speaker of Parliament. Did he write his own book? No. Different Michael Palmer. Have you read any of Michael Palmer’s books?

It’s such a sheer coincidence that the book, Political Suicide, became available in the US on 11 Dec, which is about 12 Dec Singapore time, the day that our Michael Palmer resigned after revealing his own scandal.

It’s definitely much rarer than a once-in-50-years chance. The date 12-12-12 (i.e. 12 Dec 2012) must be a really special day. 50 years, after all, seem to come by very frequently these days.

Both the Workers’ Party (WP) and Singapore People’s Party have been quick to urge our Prime Minister to call a by-election, with the latter stating that they will let the former party have priority to contest. Nice to see unity amongst the opposition parties, albeit just two of them.

It’s funny reading all the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) comments during WP’s Yaw’s departure being replayed now. Yet, the PAP’s reaction this time is totally different. I suppose they’d say the cases are different, somehow.

Our Prime Minister doesn’t seem too eager to call a by-election, citing various reasons that are supposedly keeping the country occupied. I’m sure this is the hottest topic that is going to occupy the minds of all citizens for some time to come.

How apt the comments from the Washington Post. Political Suicide won’t disappoint.

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