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Christmas Feasting Begins

DSC01300This year’s Christmas feasting and other year-end celebrations have begun. Three parties in the last weekend. I feel so super-stuffed. It’s the season to put on pounds. After Christmas and the New Year, the Lunar New Year isn’t too far away too! Food, food, and more food. Sometimes you’d wonder why is it only times of celebrations that we need to feast.

Have you wondered, why do we have turkeys at Christmas? Well, here’s what Yahoo! Answers say, in case you’re interested. Oh, but it seems the answer isn’t very definitive anyway.

It turns out that turkey is mostly a Thanksgiving thing. Most people here don’t typically celebrate Thanksgiving. It isn’t a holiday here after all. Most people here know about it only because of the shopping sales that begin on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Thanks to the globalised online shopping economy.

But here in Singapore, we do eat turkey. At Christmas. I think a sizeable number of people don’t actually particularly enjoy turkey, but are just going with the crowd. This tradition follows people who don’t actually celebrate Christmas either. It’s almost like a universal holiday, like, say, celebrating New Year’s Day.

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