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Much Ado About Mice


From Mighty Mouse to Magic Mouse. I’ve been a fan of Apple’s mice. Although I own several Apple products, I don’t consider myself the sort that would buy Apple products simply because Apple made them. Apple makes great mice. I’ve been very happy with Mighty Mouse. The 360-degree scroll ball was really awesome to use.

My trusty Might Mouse, however, was starting to get cranky. It’s nearly five years old. The scroll ball could still physically roll in all directions, but the detection of one of the directions was unreliable. It sometimes wouldn’t work at all, or sometimes the detected movement was not smooth.

Alas, it was time to get it replaced. I already use a Magic Mouse too, and it was a great mouse. I wanted another of that. So, when Apple’s Red Friday sale came up and offered an unexpectedly good price on the Magic Mouse, I ordered one.

DSC03596The day the new Magic Mouse arrived, the Mighty Mouse started working perfectly again. It’s as if the Mighty Mouse knew it was going to get replaced, and was trying to put on its best performance so that I would keep using it. I left the Magic Mouse unopened. I could return it to Apple. But, then, I wouldn’t be able to get it at the great discount again if I needed it after all. I decided to hang on.

I finally gave up on the Mighty Mouse last night. Hello, new Mighty Mouse. It was so smooth, and its click produced such a pleasant tactile feedback, that I thought it seemed like a “new revision” of the other Magic Mouse I use in office.

For the record, I’ve tried other Bluetooth mice, like the Logitech and Razer ones. They weren’t satisfactory at all. I think Apple makes the best Bluetooth mice.

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